domenica 19 febbraio 2017


Tails of mice
dragon ears
snakelike tongue
water of dark lake

Alter stone into gold the old wizard
overcoming the thin line of sin.

Young witches dressed by sky
dance a Sabbath welcoming the moon face
barefoot on the grass while the rhythm flash
skim the wind whispering luck
while their eyes are opened to the unknown.
Flowers in the grass sing the melody of the world
while creation everything moves round and round.

Today is magic in the whole universe
all bows down to an eternal event
Today came the winter solstice.

The enchanted world begins to rest
each faery gets ready to love.

In the world of the fairies, gnomes of earth,
prepare in silence spring food.
Cradling the seeds as helpless children
expect that tomorrow approaching.

The moon is high in the sky
and the rhythm of the Sabbath becomes unbridled.

Revolve in vortices witches at Yule
while the masters draw fate.

Slowly at the night the day prostrates
and in the real world begins again the carousel.

Now in prayer the young handmaids
pray to the God who has come to warm them
grateful to Goddess who protected the stars.
Licciardello Alfio

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